Client Testimonials

This is an image "Laura Volpacchio is very professional and a hard worker. She has a wonderful eye for getting your 'best shot' and makes sure the entire photo shoot is fun & friendly. Her great prices make it easy to refer friends and return again as a happy client. "

Tasha N. Harris
Singer, Actress, Teacher


This is an image Genavieve's photo was featured in the New York Times! Check out the article here.

"My shoot with Laura was so much fun - I felt like a professional! She took me to some really awesome and different places in NYC that made for absolutely perfect photos for my business. We bonded right away and after seeing the results of her work, I know that I am a forever fan! Thank you, Laura! "

Genavieve Shingle
Genavieve Shingle Law;


This is an image "Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was so professional, thoughtful and fun, not to mention really great with our son! We couldn't have had a better experience with Laura. Thank you Laura for everything, I have never gotten so many likes on FB in my life:) We will definitely work with her again to capture other milestones!"

Stefanie Lob
New Mommy


This is an image " My shoot with Laura was great! I felt very comfortable. Lyndsey, the make up artist, was phenomenal. Laura made everything I wanted possible and my pictures turned out amazing!"

Monica Boyle


This is an image "Working with Laura was an amazing experience! She went to all lengths to bring out my best self in my shots. I was so happy with the end products! She knows how to bring out your personality, making your photos unique. I was so comfortable and felt right at home during the shoot. This was such a great experience for my first headshot session and I would absolutely recommend her to my friends and family!"

Verity Brown


This is an image "My shoot with Laura was simultaneously professional and relaxed. We jammed to tunes and she expertly styled the jewelry and outfit options I packed while I got my hair and makeup done. The fact that she's a performer as well was a huge draw for me. Having been on both sides of the camera, Laura was able to make adjustments that other photographers may have missed and had first hand knowledge of a dancer's needs."

Helen Phelan


This is an image "Laura is wonderful to work with from start to finish! Not to mention she is full of personality and puts you at ease in from of the camera. From my very first communication with her to the delivery of the final images, Laura is prompt and efficient. I love my photos and could not be happier. I highly recommend her!!"

Leah Casto



This is an image "Working with Laura was a fantastic experience! She took the time to ask questions about me to learn who I am and what kind of shots I would benefit from in an audition setting. Laura's keen eye for photography, coupled with her background and knowledge as a performer, allow her to capture beautiful images of her subjects. I am extremely pleased with my headshots, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for photos. Thanks Laura! "

Megan Morgan


This is an image "My shoot with Laura was my first headshot experience, and I am thrilled with the final products and the process as a whole. Laura has the wonderful ability to encourage and empower with her camera and her words. Her hard work and talent gave me self-confidence as a young actor. Laura makes her art collaborative, flexible, and unique, and made me feel motivated, capable, and beautiful in ways that I never thought were possible for me. "

Jennifer Yu


This is an image "Laura is a fantastic photographer with a great eye for capturing the perfect look. She really listened to the direction I wanted to go for my look and gave me the perfect shot! She is fun and friendly and made the entire process easy and positive. She got back to me very quickly with the edited images and I was able to get them printed and used so fast! I will recommend everyone to her and will definitely return to her again."

William Dehorney
Actor, Singer, Dancer

This is an image "LV Photo and Design is extraordinary! From start to finish, Laura brings a natural professionalism to her work allowing for an effortless and ridiculously fun creating and collaborating of art. I absolutely loved working with her and felt she captured my individuality beautifully. I couldn't be happier with my photos and the overall excellence of the experience. "

Rachel Bell
Dancer, Singer, Actress

This is an image "By the time you finish reading this sentence, Laura would have captured your true spirit on film at least ten times. She's quick, efficient, and brings out the best in her clients. The turn-around from shoot to proofs was astounding. My new agent found 5 photos he could use right off the bat. Her make-up artist was delightful and well equipped to handle any skin tone. Her energy and keen sense of capturing the moment are superb. A joy to work with."

Robert Tunstall
Dancer, Singer, Actor

This is an image "I felt confident during the entire shoot, knowing I was in good hands. They (Laura - photographer and Michelle - hair/makeup) were a professional team to work with and the atmosphere was very open! The shoot was a fun time and now I am very satisfied with my new headshots!"

Kim Ross

This is an image "I adore my pictures taken by Laura. She took so many great shots that it was hard to choose my top 10! I recommend her to all of my friends and will return to her the next time I need photos!"

Carole Amber

This is an image "Working with Laura on my head shots was a dream! I never thought I would find someone who would really capture me in a photoshoot the way Laura did. Not only was the whole experience fun and exciting, it was extremely affordable! I would recommend Laura to all of my friends, she is amazingly talented, lovely to talk to and so much fun! I had an amazing time working with her, her shots speak for themselves, I couldn't be happier with my new head shots!"

Natalia Lepore Hagan
Dancer, Singer, Actress

This is an image "After seeing a colleague's website that Laura designed, I was eager to have her do my website. I was SHOCKED at how affordable she is. Laura harnessed my vision and created a website that I absolutely love! She worked quickly and efficiently and was patient with answering my questions and accommodating my requests for changes. Within a couple weeks it was up and running!"

Bryan Wade
Vocal Coach, Music Director, Accompanist, Composer

This is an image "I needed headshots on short notice to send to a dance agency. Laura was very accommodating and managed to do my shoot AND get me the edited photos all in one day! Without her efficiency I would have missed out on a major opportunity. Her work is fantastic, I have never seen a better picture of myself."

Xiaotian Zhai

This is an image "I was pretty nervous about getting new headshots taken, I've never considered myself very photogenic and did not want to spend a ton of money on pictures that I would just end up not liking. I was nervous, but Laura made me feel great! She is a true professional. I've since chosen my three pictures and Laura has done a great job with the retouching. All in all, a fantastic experience. I would recommend Laura to absolutely anyone looking to get headshots done!"

Elissa Katherine Goonan

This is an image "I'm always really nervous and shy when it comes to pictures, but I immediately felt at ease with Laura. She picked great locations and produced amazing results. The entire shoot was so relaxed and fun. I've already recommended her to all of my friends and I would love to work with her again!"

Kayla Sleigh

This is an image "My experience with Laura was extremely positive, professional, and fun. She has a way of making you feel very comfortable during the shoot, and is very open to what your particular photo needs are. I love my shots and look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Jorie Janeway

This is an image "Working with Laura Volpacchio was awesome. She blended professionalism with a sense of realism. It made for a great experience."

Tamba Tongu
Hip Hop Artist

This is an image "Laura is undeniably gifted. My experience shooting with her was comfortable, fun, and inspiring. She is a constantly working performer and knows what will help you look your best and secure more job opportunities. She has a warm and encouraging presence, a great eye for light, and genuinely listens to and incorporates your opinions about the shoot. I can't praise her enough. "

Kathrine Barnes
Actress, Singer

This is an image "Above all else, I felt completely comfortable working with Laura. She captivated my focus, centered my energy and took the most sincere photos that I've ever seen of myself. That's a remarkable ability she possesses."

J. Branson Skinner
Entrepreneur, Self-Declared Renaissance Man

This is an image "Laura is a talented and hard-working artist with an incredible eye for design and beauty. I went to Laura with a vague idea of how I wanted my website to look - within days she had drawn up a template that I fell in love with. She gave vibrant shape to the image that had been only cloudy in my mind. Laura was thorough in her work and patient with my hundred questions! I highly urge performers and non-performers alike to work with Laura. She's the best!!"

Danielle Froelich
Dancer, Singer, Actress -

This is an image "Working with Laura is described in one word: painless. We all know how stressful it can be to find the perfect headshot, but Laura really helps this process come alive. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed, which is the perfect environment for excellent headshots. And it is affordable for all of us starving actors. I would recommend her work to anyone!"

Lauren Turner
Singer, Actress

This is an image "Laura was a pleasure to work with! She knows the ins and outs of the industry, and she made me feel comfortable throughout the picture- taking process. What's more, she's fabulous at capturing her subject's personality on camera, which is critical for musical theater head shots. I had so many options and am very happy with the new photos I have!"

Laura Delaterre
Singer, Dancer, Actress

This is an image "Laura was an integral part of getting my business off the ground! She is quick, dilligent, and honest, and whenever I need help with something graphic-design oriented I always go to her! She has assisted me with site maintenance, blogging, email blasts, etc - you name it, she can do it. I highly recommend her as a reliable, creative problem-solver (problem-solvers are my favorite kind of people)."

Hannah Bomze
Founder and CEO, Fit to Flick

This is an image "Laura captures YOU at your best, and you will feel confident every time you hand a casting director your picture. In less than three hours, Laura was able to get shots that I can use for commercial and legit work, as well as options for my website. She has an amazing ability to use natural light. She is the best headshot decision I've made!"

Stephanie Card
Singer, Actress, Dancer

This is an image "Laura is like magic with children. I don’t know how she does it, but she has created the most beautiful pictures of my children, who don’t like to pose. She captures the playfulness and the joy of childhood in beautifully composed shots. People couldn't stop complimenting the Christmas card she did for us; it was stunning!"

Dory Bertsche
Mother, Writer

This is an image "There are a lot of scam artists in this business, especially when it comes to things such as headshots. Luckily Laura isn't one of them. She met with me before my shoot and we talked. At that point I knew she was the real deal. Laura is so down-to-earth and funny that she made me feel comfortable in front of the camera."

Chris Gwynn

This is an image "I'm really happy with my new headshots. Laur really made me feel comfortable during the shoot and it was really fun having my pictures taken. I got a lot of pictures to choose from and I got the edited photos very fast. It was fantastic working with her! I ended up shooting with her again when I needed dance shots six months later."

Bella Takkunen

This is an image "Laura knows of a magical place with magical lighting. She knows what actors are looking for in a headshot and communicates with them to get the best out of them. I would recommend her to anyone because for the first time I had the problem of not being able to pick between too many good shots. Thanks Laura!"

Arbrenne Kelly

This is an image "I recently shot with Laura for the first time. She was professional, set me at ease, and left me with many great pictures to choose from. She’s quick to assess light and angle and made me look my best, even though I had a cold. Since she’s a dancer herself, she has an eye for capturing movement with attention to proper dance technique. I look forward to working with her again! Thanks Laura!!!"

Jesse Singer

This is an image "Having my head shots taken by Laura Volpacchio was a great decision. Being a dancer and model herself she knew exactly what angels and lighting would be best. She also made me feel very comfortable during the shoot. Her rate is great and the shots came out better than shots I've gotten from other photographers who charged double or triple what she charges. Thanks Laura!"

Shadae Jenkins