Kids are my buddies. I love hanging out with them, hearing their deep life philosophies, and taking photos of their cute and silly faces. In addition to my photography work with kids, I'm a Teaching Artist in NYC, teaching dance to kids from pre-K through middle school. I've had the good fortune of working regularly with children on the spectrum and undergone teaching artist training specific to the population.

I'm not afraid to get dirty, so don't worry about the drool/spit up/dirt/mysterious sticky substance (but we will try to keep it away from the camera).

 Coming from a large Italian-Irish family, I'm all about family time (even when they are beyond annoying and possibly insane). Capturing your kids & family in moments of authentic connection is one of my greatest joys!


Down to earth
Stress free
 Basically a playdate (if there are kids…if not, it can still be basically a playdate)
Unique & authentic to your family

your family shoot will be:

you'll get:

High quality, beautiful photos that capture you and your family authentically

A plethora of images to choose from (this is usually the hardest part for clients - "I can't pick" is music to my ears)

The option to purchase prints and wall art directly through your gallery. Wall layouts and album design also available. 

What if my kid cries and/or has a temper tantrum?
↳WHAT!? Your kid CRIES!? Just kidding, of course your kid(s) will likely go through a few emotions during our time together, that's totally fine and I'm not phased (oldest child, aunt, works with kids, etc). The exact timing of family shoots ranges from family to family. I offer two different packages with a 30-45 minute option and a 45-60 minute option. I'm not going to be glued to the clock; we shoot until I know we have some beautiful images, so don't stress. If your kid is just having a really horrible day, let me know with as much notice as possible and we'll figure out a plan B.

What do we wear?
↳Don't worry, when you book I'll send you a digital booklet with all kinds of directions and guidance. Nope, you don't all have to wear khakis and white shirts and stand barefoot on a beach (but you can if you want to).

Are you going to yell at my kids?
↳Nope, never. I like to let the kids be themselves - if that means they are running around like crazy, then we are doing movement shots!

I didn't have time to get a haircut, can you just photoshop that? And how about color? 
↳I wish I could say this was a crazy question that has never been asked - alas. No, the answer is no. However, I usually can open up a pair of eyes for that one Uncle who can't keep his eyes open when everyone else in the shot looks perfect (we love you, Uncle).  

Are you going to make us do weird poses?
↳Probably not, but maybe just for fun. I'll give you gentle guidance and loosely place you in a few different groupings, but my style is not overly posed. We'll collaborate to create images you'll love.

Wait! I have another question!
↳Shoot me an email!