...for when those selfies you're taking on your smart phone just aren't cutting it. A strong social media presence, with captivating content, can transform your business. Start to connect with your audience more effectively with professional images designed for YOUR social media & marketing use. 

All branding and social media shoots are customized based on your business and personal branding. Cookie cutter branding shoots are not our thing. You bring your props, I'll scout the locations, and we'll help to grow your business!

Shooting in studio (NYC) and outdoors/on location (anywhere).


Like a boss (because you are one...)
Relieved (wow, that wasn’t awkward at all!)

Possibly Hilarious

your Branding shoot will be:


you'll get:

A large variety of images to choose from (“I can’t pick!!” is one of my favorite things to hear)

High quality, beautiful photos that look like YOU on your best day and are in alignment with your brand (#ONBRAND)

Professionally retouched images of your choice - no face lifts or shape shifting, just a gentle pick-me-up
natural is our battle cry over here

Taken a lot more seriously

One of the coolest things you’ve ever done*

Down to earth
Stress free

*(words from an actual client, not just LV being obnoxious)

What about hair and makeup?
↳My hair/makeup artist is the best. Read all about her on the services page here. I highly recommend professional hair&makeup (with my girl) to get the best out of your headshot session.

What do I wear?
↳Don't worry, when you book I'll send you an email with all kinds of directions and guidance, and I'll be your personal stylist when you arrive with 1/2 (or all) of your closet.

Are you going to make me do weird poses?
↳Probably not, but maybe just for fun. I'll give you gentle guidance, but my primary goal is to let you be yourself in front of the lens, so that we get images that look like you. I've spent a lot of time on both sides of the lens, so I know what works in the camera and will be happy to direct you when needed.

I didn't have time to get a haircut, can you just photoshop that? And how about color? 
↳I wish I could say this was a crazy question that has never been asked - alas. No, the answer is no. You should look as close to how you want to look in your final photographs before we take the actual photographs.  

What's your turn around time?
↳Speedy! You'll have access to your proofs within a week, and your final edits will be to you within two weeks of selection. If you have a specific timeline I will accommodate whenever possible!

Wait. I have another question...
↳Shoot me an email!