About Me

Global Dance Initiative

Shooting regularly in New York City, SAG Harbor, the Hamptons & Connecticut - available for travel!

I am a photographer, dancer, model, website builder, bookworm, writer and teacher living, working, and learning in New York City. To read more about my performance and modeling career, feel free to check out www.lauravolpacchio.com.

I graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in January 2011. My concentration was “The Intersection of Art and Life.” If you have about an hour of free time I can adequately explain to you what that means. I have taken photography and editing classes at NYU and around NYC, as well as picked up numerous tips from the many professional photographers I have worked with as a model. I've photographed all kinds of people from dancers and models to kids, entrepreneurs and online daters.

I am a self-taught web designer, using my knack for visual design to create websites that are beautiful, effective and manageable. My goal in building websites is to provide my clients with a platform that they can easily update once it is built; I work very closely with my website clients in order to realize their aesthetic visions.

I like hanging out with trees, frolicking in fields, dancing in my apartment, and eating ice cream. I believe in the healing power of movement and teach Pilates to grown ups and dance to little kiddies. Check out the "Vietnam" gallery to see some adorable pictures of kids I taught in Vietnam (I was feeling adventurous that summer). I did my Comprehensive Certification in Classical Pilates at Core Pilates NYC and currently teach privately as well as regularly at Uptown Pilates on the Upper West Side - so if you like, we can get you in shape and then have a photo shoot.

Visit the "available services" page for offerings, prices, and details. Let's make some (practical) art!